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Colorini Inks (various colours)

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Colorini Inks (various colours)

Colorini Inks (various colours)

Temporary ink for tattoo

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Temporary ink for tattoo

Colorini Body Inks are professional quality inks. Each bottle provides enough pigment for 100-140 tattoos! Artists and amateurs alike can flex their creative muscles, experimenting with the transparency of the inks — adjusting them with a little alcohol — for effects that range from bold strokes to gentle watercolors. All inks are quick drying, so it's best to work in sections. Looking for a little more sparkle for your next tattoo? Add glitter and create your own glitter tattoo ink. Plan your next tattoo accordingly, and find your creative boundaries have no limits.

All of our Colorini inks ship for free when a minimum order of $100 is placed, so look around our store and find the best inks for your needs.

Capacity: 15 ml


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