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Diamon FX Néon Rose Zoom

Diamon FX Neon Magenta

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Diamon FX Neon Magenta

Diamon FX Neon Magenta

DFX Neon Magenta 32 gr

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DFX Neon Magenta 32 gr

Diamond FX is a Dutch company and a reference in the world of face and body painting.

The neon colors are among the most vivid of the markets.

Paints Diamond Fx can be applied with a sponge or a brush, and is easily removed with water and soap.

Please note that neon paint contiennnet neon pigments that have not been tested by the FDA for use in cosmetics. the label says they are for their hair and special effects.

Only the colors Blue (170), White (180), and violet 132) are hereby approved by the FDA and European standards, ASTM D-4236 and 76/768 / EEC

Directions for use:

Do not put water directly on the paint, or possibly lightly with a spray bottle.

The paint cleans up with soap and water.

Capacity: 32 gr


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